Naked Zumba




Yea, right.  I’m just not very good at staying still long enough to allow the above to happen, however, if I found a place as lovely as the pic, I sure as hell would try!  So, the girls went to the farm with Nonny and Aunt Bobbie for 4 days leaving my house gloriously quiet, clean and well, quiet.  They returned for a nano second only to leave AGAIN for 4 more days off to camping and what not.  Without me.  That’s the key part again.  People, I am NEVER without both of my children at the same time, so let me tell you, there was a little party going on inside my head!  I felt a bit off-center for the first hour with the house so quiet, but that quickly changed as I immediately stripped off my clothes and did Wii Zumba ALONE in my underwear.  Why the hell not!?!  I giggled like a school girl wrapped in my guilt and shame of NOT missing them as I salsa danced around the living room with my bottle of red wine.  Hell yes!  Oh sure, there was cleaning and yard work, time with friends, errands, blah blah blah. But mostly there were things involving bubbles, books and wine…..and my new bicycle.   Someday I will learn to be quiet enough inside my head to tell my ass to sit still to meditate.  For now, naked red wine Zumba shall suffice.  P.S.  It’s another whole year before I get this again.  Gah!

I’m in Love……..


Roses are Red

Tulips are Yellow

I am in love with


As you all know, I’ve been on a quest, more like the “Movement” of getting healthy in all areas of life.  Going to the eye doc for prescription check is easy.  Heading to the dentist for the much needed and largely ignored root canal, eh, not so bad.  Loving life when my feet hit the floor……most days I got that down.  Finding the right fitness regime just bites my ass!  I’m serious.  I want to be able to do things physically that I did when I was 20 and I’m easily frustrated when my muscles will not cooperate.  What do you mean I have to build back up to stuff?!?  What the hell ?  I used to be able to do back flips, front flips, round off back everything’s for 2 hours and THEN head to dance class while teaching aerobics classes.  Yes, I miss my 20 year old bod – the way it looked and felt and I’m pissed that I never appreciated what all that was.  That’s what happened to us 80’s gals when the trend was to wear humongous t-shirts and hair.  Fashion was way stupid then.  Had no idea how beautiful and powerful my muscles were, so of course, the element of “if I had known then what I know now” is haunting.  BUT, it’s completely lame to dwell on unrealistic things.  Frankly I wouldn’t trade what I know now for the muscle tone and tiny waist I had then.  Yah, knowing is far more valuable.   So I take what I know and put it to the test……the true test of strength comes from within, so being there and capitalize on it in every way you can.  There’s where I begin every day now.

I enrolled my kiddos in Taekwondo several weeks back and was so impressed that I jumped right into class alongside them.  So you think just because it’s hosted at the Walnut Creek YMCA, it’s an easy peasy lame little class that you learn how to throw a couple punches and kicks, huh?  Yah, I thought so too.  This isn’t “wax on, wax off” nonsense.  Seriously, truth be told, I had hoped to toss my kids in the class for a little fun discipline in training while I went off to bust ass somewhere else in the gym.  DO NOT KID YOURSELF!  I am in love with my Tues/Thurs power hour with Grandmaster Ferry.  Y’all need to get signed up because not only will you seriously sweat, it is fun and if you will find a powerful force within you that will wake up and say “holy shit, give me some more of  THAT!”  Of course you gotta want it.  This isn’t for the weak hearted – no flinging arms and legs.  Powerful mind = powerful body = powerful mind.  No slackers allowed!  Master Ferry shares his philosophies as he trains as well.  I have to add, one of my favorite things is watching him kick all of our asses and yet he softens when directing the kids.  Check out the website for more info and give it a try.  The girls and I test in 3 weeks in hopes to move up to low orange belt but I gotta say…… ain’t gonna be easy to pass this test!

I still haven’t found the other fitness “thing” that I wake up every day and say “I can’t wait to do that!”  Yes, I WANT to be a runner, but my hips disagree.  I WANT WANT WANT but am my own worst enemy.  Baby steps suck!  They might be necessary to avoid injury but my mind wants things.  My heart wants things.  But my butt doesn’t want to cooperate.  So……….

I bought a new bicycle.  She’s so beautiful that I don’t want to get her dirty with road grime!  Kidding…….my first true road warrior voyage is tomorrow.  To be continued……

Meanwhile, put some positive focus out into the universe for my fitness journey cuz’ some days I just make myself dizzy trying to find my ‘THING”  Good news = taekwondo is my new chocolate pie.  Bad news = it aint enough yet.  *hugs*  M

Awwww, Sharing.


It’s such a beautiful sight when I witness the love of sharing in my household.  Between the kids, cat and dogs, there is typically ruckess and a butt load of it.  This, quite simply, will explain WHO is in charge around here. 

No go ahead and ask me why we frequently refer to her as “the baby cow.” 

Tis the Season to Be In Love With Your Food


And so it begins……..the season of all things fresh and delicious!

I love our farmer’s market, but due to garage sale prep and sale itself, I have not made it to the big one.  Our local neighborhood farmer’s market is unfortunately hosted on a Taekwondo night, so I’ve missed that one too.  Big Poo.  Hyvee’s produce is the next best thing and wowsers did I lose my mind stocking up!  Everything was so fresh I just couldn’t bear to leave one little fruit or veggie behind!  I think the checker at the market thought I was a vegetarian on crack!  Now, don’t mind the sneaky little vodka bottle hiding in the background – he will meet his maker with the blender and the fruit later on!  So, 2 hours later, I have a frig/freezer stocked with fresh sliced wonderful goodness.  The 6 year old covets cantaloupe so she may OD.  Or puke.  Wonder how awesome that would be coming back up?  Anyway, I got so involved with chopping and slicing that I neglected to photograph the veggies.  Here’s that rundown…….broccoli, romaine and lots of it, fresh spinach, green and yellow squash, avocados, mushrooms, cucumbers, carrots, sweet snow peas, broccoli coleslaw, cauliflower, celery, asparagus and sun-dried tomatoes.  Do those count because as much as I want to like fresh toms, I just can’t and don’t.

This week’s lunches have consisted of all things salad so far, each day being different from the previous.  Variety with the same thing!  Huh……I’m currently in love with my food choices and feel so excited about them.  When my friend visited Italy last year, she struggled finding the words to describe the food there, but explained it simply as “I wanted to make out with my food every day.”  I kinda get it now.  Yah, it’s not Italy but there’s just nothing better than filling your belly with fresh goodness.  I still want pastries frequently, so it hasn’t really helped there, but having all this in the house is a great distraction.

So dinners………well, how much fun am I having with those!  Veggie stir fry that my kids won’t eat (yay me!), baked and grilled chicken, couscous, chicken salad with avocado, tuna salad with cucumbers and steamed carrots.  And it’s only Wednesday!   Snacks have been almonds or celery with laughing cow wedge or yes, fruit.  Duh.

And of course breakfast, which I still struggle with……banana with raspberries = my favorite and a small dollop of peanut butter.  It works until about 10am and then there’s a much-needed snack.  I’m still working on the breakfast thing for summer since nothing warm sounds good.  I love my peanut butter so I have to be mindful or half the jar will be ingested before the next breath arrives.

Next up……smoothies.  Stay tuned!!  What kinds of deliciousness have you created that left your mouth-watering enough to want to make out with your food???  Help a girl out with more ideas!  *hugs*  M

Perfecting Her Craft


And so the summer fun begins…my lovely Emily has taken her creativity to a whole new level finding new designs to create with Mani/Pedi’s.  Lucky for her, she has willing participants – her sister and of course, ME!  I got new toes from cashing in my Pedi gift cert from Mother’s Day – she guarantees me 3 total and is keeping track on a punch card.  Not only did I get beautiful toes, I received a full salon treatment of foot wash, massage, heel scrub and sloughing along with moisturizer treatment.  Who’s the lucky ducky in this house!  So my tired, sore feeties are being pampered once in a while after I torture them pounding the mats and floors with workouts.  I love when they get it!!!  *hugs*  M



THE COLOR RUN *5k of color running madness.


Oh yes, Oh yes – Team Roy G Biv is big and full of beautiful, inspiring friends and I’m one of them!  Now, y’all know how I feel about running……I WANT to like it, kinda the same way I feel about brussel sprouts, but so far, eh.  This is just the ticket to motivate.  I am doing this one way or the other, even if I come in last, but run, walk, skip to my Lou or all of the above, I AM IN!  The amazing Running Thriver planted the seed last month when I enjoyed her blog on her Color Run experience.  She is everything that embodies STRENGTH, LOVE and GIRL POWER!!!

So, it’s time for me to work harder on embracing running or I will find myself left completely in everyone’s dust – pink, orange, blue and purple dust!!

She’s Just So Beautiful – and I’m the Womamma.


Every Mom is biased about their kids.  I know.  I spend many a day holding back my tears as I watch her grow and wonder how the years could go by so quickly.  She is a gift; a beautiful treasure and even though I am her mom, I know she is a remarkable human being.  My oldest daughter has endured levels of heartache and pain that most adults never know, at least until later in life.  And yet she still smiles the brightest smile of any I have ever seen!

She has been struggling with one specific body feature and to protect her privacy I will not devulge specifics, however, today while dancing in the sprinkler under the summer sun, she saw the light.  “They weren’t very noticeable and I didn’t even care” she texts to me.  “Oh honey!  I’m so very proud of you! After all, there are a million things that could be worse…..missing an arm like our neighbor.”  And then she made me cry………”Yeah, and what I realized is I don’t care what other people think, if they even notice, because God created every single one of us the way he wanted and I am absolutely grateful for the way he created me and I love myself exactly the way I am…..and thank you for putting up with my stupid stuff like that.” she says.  I, of course, beaming with pride, called her immediately to hear her voice.  I tell her that we are all amazing just the way we are and she is an inspiration.  I tell her she makes me feel strong through my getting healthy process and less self conscious about my tummy flab because she reminds me every day that skinny is NOT stronger.   She calls me a “very, strong capable “WOMAMMA” (woman/Momma)!!   I love that young lady’s soul.