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Delirious and Still Kickboxing……..Day 16


Less than 5 hours of sleep on an ordinary day makes me downright stupid, but on kickboxing day, the bag kicks back.  I was sloppy just walking from the car!  I suppose a half-ass workout is better than none at all, right!?! I can honestly report I gave about 35% today, sad but true.  And of course, now feel compelled to get at least another 30 minutes somewhere to balance out my early morning lameness.

I am happy to report that my state of delirium is due to one of those top things that can’t be helped……a friend in need.  It’s not like I sat up watching Cake Boss reruns while jamming through a big bag of M&M’s because you can just smell the cake through the TV!  Who does that at midnight??  Ahem, anyway, yes, there are a handful of things that rank on the “cannot be helped” list.  I’m learning to not stress about them, take them as a serious sabotage or let them set me back.  At the end of the day, every day, I still have to take care of me while taking care and being present for the “cannot be helped.”  Sometimes a general review of those things help keep it real because there are days when I could easily add just about anything to that list and try to get away with it.  Let’s review……

Can NOT be helped, Period: (Not going to the gym today)

-Puke – mine

-Fire, Flood, Blood, Major Fever.  Duh

– Tornadoes.  Such a bummer when the gym isn’t where is was yesterday.

-Severe Injury

– Death – mine

Can NOT be helped, at the moment: (Just postpone gym time)

-Some Mother Nature events can complicate or delay things but can still be worked around.

– Death- everyone else.  (Kidding, but maybe not really)

-Puke-anyone else in the house.

-A friend in need.

-Dead car battery, flat tire.

CAN be helped, so don’t be stupid:  (Get your ass to the gym now!)

-My bed is so warm

– I sneezed

– The cat coughed up a hairball

– Absolutely everything else my brain will attempt to conjure up………

I would love to hear everyone’s lame excuses they have used in the past to skip a workout!  Share them with me so I can’t use them either!

By the way, although I vowed to not get on the scale until after the 40 day challenge, I peeked.  Down 3 pounds and although that is technically probably water weight, I will take it nonetheless.  I think stronger, feel stronger and am crushing my way to healthy every day.  Accepting defeat is just no longer an option and I’m here to tell anyone reading this that has self doubts……if I can do this, so can you because I AM doing it!  Trust me, I battle the demons of lazy, self-deprecating crappy voices with every breath and it is hard, but just start.  Somewhere.  Anywhere.  Get up and move while you still can!  *hugs* M


Yes, The Couch Potato Lives….. Days 13-15



Pathetic.   I could dwell heavily on this word today.  The 2 weeks ago me probably would have done just that, but the new “at least I got my ass off the couch” me is going to break it down into pros and cons instead.  I am, however, going to deal with the cons first and just get over them right away so pathetic thinking is not in my last group of thoughts.

Let me preface all of this by saying I did NO fitness this weekend…….None.  There, I said it out loud.  Ouch.  Second, I did not drink enough water making me lazier than I already wanted to be anyway.  Ouch Ouch.  And third, I ate like shit.  Ouch X3.  So here is the good and the bad of the overall……


1.  Today SUCKED and hurt at class.

2.  Guilt

3.  Complete mental relapse = emotional and physical detox

4.  Slept in

5  I napped which made me want more napping

6.  3 words.  Chocolate Chip Pancakes

7.  It was beautiful weather outside while I was napping.  😦

8.  Nothing got accomplished from the TO DO list except the chores my kids fulfilled.


1.  I napped!  I never get to nap!  I love naps!  Just sayin…….

2. Had time for awesome brunch with BFF….Yum, and I did NOT have Danish or mimosa.

3.  Family game night was a blast!

4.  Those 3 words.  Choc Chip Pancakes that Emily made all by herself!  Of course I ate them!  Duh

5.  My children giggling while playing “lost girls picnic” outside in the sunshine

I do feel bad for those CONS listed, but I know in my soul the lifestyle I strive to maintain will not stick until I change my mindset in a ton of ways.  And as you can see, the cons in my mind still outweigh the pros.  So stupid!  Viewpoints will vary from person to person and day-to-day on all of the above, but I have to focus on what it all means to me combined.  It’s a struggle.  I can find a bright side in any situation and say it out loud, but believing it and living it for myself is always a battle.  In recent conversations with friends, I am finding that I am not alone in this battle and that many women have this inner conflict. 

Why as women,  are we at war with ourselves so much of the time? 

It is very frustrating to me that the psychological warfare going on is so much more powerful than I give it credit and it really does require constant attention.  The willpower is there.  The motivation is there.  The need is there.  So who is in charge of the evil little being that keeps me in bed and puts M&M’s in my mouth?  That she-devil’s name is HABIT, BAD HABIT to be exact.  I hate you  BAD HABIT!    I’m breaking up with you, so pack your crap and get out now.   Now, go tell your friends, STUPID HABIT, UNNECESSARY HABIT, WASTEFUL HABIT and OMG, HABIT that they are next so they might as well pack up too.  Get on board the movement everyone and kick all the HABITS you don’t like out of your life.  Just do it!   Happy Monday, peoples!!  *hugs*  M

You Are My Sunshines


These are the moments that I adore most.  Teamwork.  Happiness.  Creativity.  Love.  This being my second week of classes, you can imagine mornings have not been nearly as cooperative as week one.  But, I am learning to let it go, let it be and let them work through it.  I have to for them and for me.  Besides, they know to clean up any blood before I get home or there will have to be a conversation.

My babies.

Bite Me, Beast!!!…..Day 12


    TGIF!!!  What a beautiful morning, the Des Moines all covered in a perfect, fluffy blanket of fresh snow!  And at 5:30am, I get to enjoy Mother Nature’s symphony of sparkles practically all alone, minus the abundance of pick up trucks with blades shredding their way across parking lots.  But I will take any and all of the rewards I can for getting my butt out of the bed!

And it’s boxing day, or so I thought.  I love Friday’s classes and I’m psyched, until I see it again……THE BEAST.  That damn 500 pound tire is out on the mats again.  My stomach feels like rotten eggs smell !  Dangitt, but I love love love Friday workouts.  WAHHHHHH!  Now, understand that it’s not that I have a grudge against the smelly, black monolith, but I am a timid weenie around it because of my weak lower back.   Lifting that thing even with a strong partner shreds my back, but….I’m here and ready to kill it, one way or the other!

It was another station day involving boxing, kickboxing, kettlebells, floor ab and leg work, medicine ball tossing, and my most favorite of all…..big, fat, stinky Beast tire beating with sledgehammers!  We got to beat it and jump on it repeatedly!  BITE ME BEAST!  Oh sure, the workout was hard and I had to have my daughter hold my electric toothbrush in place while I moved my face around it, but beating the crap out of the Beast was worth my noodle arms and kinked neck.  I am feeling inspired to take it to the next level and potentially have a private conversation next time with the Beast.

I learned something quite important in the past couple of days with regard to water.  Apparently, the water you drink while working out doesn’t count toward your daily intake.  So, I wake up dehydrated from no water intake all night and of course morning pee is the biggest so I head into the workout depleted.  Then, all the water I drink during the workout I’m sweating out.  No wonder I want a nap by 9am!  I’ve tried to guzzle water, but it’s just SO boring, no matter what I add to it.  I know there are no shortcuts, but help a girl out here.   I need to hear from you – what are the best tricks you all have learned to stay better hydrated without having to suck the garden hose all day?  Any better foods, fruits, etc. that could help combat the fatigue of dehydration?  You are ALL my inspiration!  Happy Freaking Weekend!  *hugs*  M

Burpee’s – I hate you! YOU ROCK!


Aside from the fact that this girl is ripped, lean and completely fabulous, I just want to be able to do these suckers correctly and well without puking, falling down or passing out!  Oh burpees, my nemesis……you WILL become my friend, dammit!

Fitness – Boot Camp Workout 1: Burpee’s Exercise – YouTube.

Shut up and Do It…….Day 11


Aw ya baby......WE DID IT! High five!

Sweet Ashley reminded me yesterday in a post comment that Nike says “JUST DO IT,” and it really is that simple.  Just do it.  My beautiful BF Trina has been telling me this for years.  Have I listened to anyone?  Nope.  But today, as I was skimming through emails at 5:05am, fully awake and talking myself out of getting up, I saw it.  Miss Alison……..there you were.  She had forwarded me a wonderful blog full of inspiration but it wasn’t the blog that got my attention, but rather Alison’s simple words of truth – “You are a single mom.  You can do anything!”  For whatever reason, this was compelling enough to rocket my sore butt out of the bed and into gym clothes.   I’ve heard this message before in many different settings from many different people but today, I truly believed it.  Dear Alison, THANK YOU!

Workout was down and dirty today and I took it like a champ.  I found my newest, bestest favorite partner, Miss M.  She is humbly chubby, down to earth and a sweaty, hard-ass working girl in class.  She wouldn’t dare let me slack, quit or rest.  I love her.  We tag teamed the shit out of cardio and abs today finishing off the whole workout with what I think would be a solid score of 8 for the effort we gave today.  I won’t go into wretched details of our exercises because frankly, I’ve blocked some of them from my mind, but I will say 2 things about it…….

#1.  Burpees were involved, therefore I hate Thursday’s instructor.  He is the devil.

#2.  Sit ups of all variety were involved.  I peed a little again.

The last exercise of the day was Miss M and I perched head to head in push up positions, slapping right hand to right, left hand to left, etc. through 100 total and we only rested ONCE!  WHOO HOO!  That’s some seriously hard stuff when you’ve busted ass for 40 minutes and are already fatigued.  I’m noodle armed typing as we speak and getting a cramp in my neck.  At the end of the day, ain’t it great to feel the burn e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e!  You are all inspiring to me and there are no words for the amazing support I feel!  I am blessed and grateful to have such positive energy all around me.  *hugs* M

P.S.  Johnny, MoMo lubs you.  One thing at a time, right!?


Who’s In Charge Here??……Day 10



Hey crazy lady, WHO'S IN CHARGE HERE!?!?!

So I was awake with my alarm blazing at 5am………awake with eyes open, and even out of the bed to get a drink.  So why did I miss my 6am class??  This is the mystery.  Now, I realize I have crappy willpower, but the motivation is totally there.  I went directly back to bed hearing the voice in my head say convincingly that I could just pop into the 5:15pm class.  WHAT?!?!  I think in the back of my mind I always knew the make up option of another time slot was there, but I just chose to NOT acknowledge it on purpose for this very reason.  Skinny Bitch mentioned it yesterday in our conversation of “where the heck have you been” and now, it’s a logged option in my brain.  I swear I confuse myself far more than anyone else can.

I am just downright mad at this phenomenon.  Ok, fine – so many of you are laughing right now because I suppose for most people you just either do something or you don’t.  I want some of that please.  My world and my thinking need a little black and white right now……simplicity of a solid mindset would be super helpful.  So, tell me peoples……….what does one do to counter the voices in your head that just take charge in a split second and before you know it, you are back in bed for a lousy, restless additional hour of sleep.   I need answers.  And maybe cake.  Oh but there WILL be an ass beating workout tonight, so stay tuned for the punishment update.  Happy Humper Day!  *hugs*  M