Ripped Pants.


Okay, I realize your first thought is MY pants because, well that would be expected to those who know me, however……  Fitness Day 1 of leaving the children to fend for themselves at 6am went surprisingly well full of cooperation, smiles locked and loaded as well as school backpacks.  It brought a tear to my eye….Sniff!  And then at dinner I find out the 13 year old has walked around all day with a ripped out crotch and half the butt seam in her jeans because upon consulting the 6 year old this morning, was told “I don’t see your undies or nothin, Sissy.”  WRONG!  I know I should probably feel bad for not being here to stop her from entering the world like that but we have full length mirrors in our house.  Seriously.  What part of “I can read the lettering on your drawers through your jeans” can the 13 year old not see on her own.  Sheesh.

P.S.  Upon changing into pj’s tonight, the 6 yr old brought me 4 sticky Honey Nut Cheerios that somehow went into her pants pocket after breakfast.  Huh?!?


About MoJo

A woman on a mission......a mission to find her way back to feeling, living and being healthy. As a single parent, she is busy, but that's a lame excuse for not getting her butt to the gym and making better grocery store choices. She says "CAN DO" to everyone but herself no more! So, it's time to put down the cookies and put on the tennis shoes......I am this woman so here I go!

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