Why Do I Smell Nail Polish at 7am!?


Well, my girls decided it was necessary to paint fingernails before school for Valentine’s Day…..10 minutes before my arrival which translates to 12 minutes to heading out the door.  After viewing both of their sloppy looking sets of nails, I now know going home today is going to make me just plain crabby.  Wonder what the neon pink and red smudged up against?  Awesome.  BUT, everyone had breakfast except the dog, beds made, dressed, etc. so hell, I think I should shut up and pick my battles.

About MoJo

A woman on a mission......a mission to find her way back to feeling, living and being healthy. As a single parent, she is busy, but that's a lame excuse for not getting her butt to the gym and making better grocery store choices. She says "CAN DO" to everyone but herself no more! So, it's time to put down the cookies and put on the tennis shoes......I am this woman so here I go!

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