Shut up and Do It…….Day 11


Aw ya baby......WE DID IT! High five!

Sweet Ashley reminded me yesterday in a post comment that Nike says “JUST DO IT,” and it really is that simple.  Just do it.  My beautiful BF Trina has been telling me this for years.  Have I listened to anyone?  Nope.  But today, as I was skimming through emails at 5:05am, fully awake and talking myself out of getting up, I saw it.  Miss Alison……..there you were.  She had forwarded me a wonderful blog full of inspiration but it wasn’t the blog that got my attention, but rather Alison’s simple words of truth – “You are a single mom.  You can do anything!”  For whatever reason, this was compelling enough to rocket my sore butt out of the bed and into gym clothes.   I’ve heard this message before in many different settings from many different people but today, I truly believed it.  Dear Alison, THANK YOU!

Workout was down and dirty today and I took it like a champ.  I found my newest, bestest favorite partner, Miss M.  She is humbly chubby, down to earth and a sweaty, hard-ass working girl in class.  She wouldn’t dare let me slack, quit or rest.  I love her.  We tag teamed the shit out of cardio and abs today finishing off the whole workout with what I think would be a solid score of 8 for the effort we gave today.  I won’t go into wretched details of our exercises because frankly, I’ve blocked some of them from my mind, but I will say 2 things about it…….

#1.  Burpees were involved, therefore I hate Thursday’s instructor.  He is the devil.

#2.  Sit ups of all variety were involved.  I peed a little again.

The last exercise of the day was Miss M and I perched head to head in push up positions, slapping right hand to right, left hand to left, etc. through 100 total and we only rested ONCE!  WHOO HOO!  That’s some seriously hard stuff when you’ve busted ass for 40 minutes and are already fatigued.  I’m noodle armed typing as we speak and getting a cramp in my neck.  At the end of the day, ain’t it great to feel the burn e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e!  You are all inspiring to me and there are no words for the amazing support I feel!  I am blessed and grateful to have such positive energy all around me.  *hugs* M

P.S.  Johnny, MoMo lubs you.  One thing at a time, right!?


About MoJo

A woman on a mission......a mission to find her way back to feeling, living and being healthy. As a single parent, she is busy, but that's a lame excuse for not getting her butt to the gym and making better grocery store choices. She says "CAN DO" to everyone but herself no more! So, it's time to put down the cookies and put on the tennis shoes......I am this woman so here I go!

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