Well Now It’s Gettin Interesting!….Day 23


So today was boxing, which I ADORE!  Of course there is always other fun things mixed in, typically involving cardio and some sort of stuff that’s up and down burpee type of action, which is still my nemesis.  I will defeat those burpees, dammit and there will be celebrating on that day.  No worries, you will all be invited for putting up with me through this.

Another partner day today, of course but, I will preface this by saying, “Oh skinny bitch, why were you late!” I am doing much better with switching up the partners since it does provide me different challenges, but today was much more “intimate” than I wanted with a new partner.   Now listen, none of us are pretty at 6am, but that’s not the point here, but I’m not super excited about close, sweaty physical contact with strangers, much less THIS kind of closeness.  And yes, we have all started to bond some, but not ALL of us!   Enter Mini Sasquatch.  GREAT partner as far as motivation and keeping the pace with switching off from boxing to jogging, but……

Let me paint the picture.  I’m laying flat on my back preparing for leg lifts while Mini Squatch stands towering over me with his feet next to my ears since I’m supposed to hold onto his ankles for support to perform leg lifts.  Apparently I’m going to need this support because it is his job as partner to thrust my legs back toward the floor each time I raise them to his face.  Nothing too terrible there other than I can see right up the leg of his shorts if I want to.  Well, here’s the special catch – standing person has to remain in a squat position the entire time, so can you say “crotch directly in the face!?!”  Sometimes I wonder who makes some of these exercises up, or better yet, what the heck are they doing at the time!!!  SO NOT COOL!!  Less than 12″ from my face is poor Squatch’s “junk” and I only hope and pray to the heavens above that nothing jingles out to distract me.  At one point, I close my eyes as if this is the hardest exercise I’ve every performed in an attempt to focus and not bust out laughing.  He cheers me on further.  God love him.  Then we switch places……although the position is different, there is equal fear as now I’m completely preoccupied with making sure I have no little farting episodes given the proximity of my “junk” to his nose.  There would be no way, none whatsoever to miss that and I would never be able to return to the 6am class again.  Ever.  Maybe our class just isn’t bonding like normal or something so they felt compelled to mix it up more.  Either that or the instructor is mad at us.

Relief takes over when we are done with THAT and I’ve never welcomed back roll burpees so much in my life!  Seriously, that was really almost disturbing and I am convinced MS and I just bonded in ways that will keep us from ever being partners again.  All in all, it was a heart pounding, sweaty mess of a workout that felt AH-mazing!  And I do love that I enter the gym feeling curious and wide-eyed each day wondering what sorts of madness they will have us endure with one another.  I know that no matter how much time passes after this class, there will be an unspoken bond with any of my 6am fellow classmates; an unspoken little nod or smile.  Although, if we are showered and dressed, none of us will probably recognize the other.  Oh well.  Happy 72 degrees !!  *hugs*  M




About MoJo

A woman on a mission......a mission to find her way back to feeling, living and being healthy. As a single parent, she is busy, but that's a lame excuse for not getting her butt to the gym and making better grocery store choices. She says "CAN DO" to everyone but herself no more! So, it's time to put down the cookies and put on the tennis shoes......I am this woman so here I go!

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