Holy Ab-o-rama……….Days 24 & 25


Well after sweating a bucket load on Wednesday’s challenge day, I went into Ab day a bit sore.  Good stuff though because I got a little worried that I wasn’t sore enough and getting used to it. Either that or working out at a lame pace.  Either way, it’s obvious something has to give if you’re not feeling the burn, right?!  Apparently Crazy Chris agrees who’s leading class today.  Love his energy!!

Today I am partnered with Overachiever Bitch (aka Ms. T), whom I am very fond of.  I’ve decided I want to be like her when I grow up.  She not only did the 5am class, but stayed for the 6am to enjoy of double banger workout simply because she knew she was going to have to miss class tomorrow.  Love, Love, Love her spirit and need it to rub off A LOT on me.  (Still battling the little “habit” bastards in my life.)  OB is a perfect partner because not only does she encourage me but she makes me laugh.  Although laughing while training the abs hurts, it super fun!  Holy crap – FUN combined with SWEAT!?!?!  Wait, huh??

So OB and I tackle everything that Crazy Chris throws at the class today and I only had to duck to the restroom to talk down the vomit once.  Only once. And that is simply because he had us up, down, sideways and backwards on and off the mats today.  Never settles well for me.  Nemesis #2.  But I never, ever give up – no matter what and if I puke, so be it……..I’m coming back out to face the mats.  OB and I passed weights to each other between our legs, overhead, side to side, sit up to sit up and on and on.  And somewhere in there we did a whole lot of reverse crunches, pelvic lifts and major cardio.  Such a great variety.

Today, my side ass is sore……not like the big, fat fluffy part of your butt.  The part that connects to your hips and the bigger muscle underneath.  I don’t remember anything from my anatomy class except the basics so muscle naming probably isn’t going to happen on this blog.  You’ll just have to create your own visual of my side ass!!!  Then my abs are awesomely sore; can’t quite describe that but it’s a good feeling.  And lastly is that little bit of flesh between each of my fingers on my right hand.  Yah, it’s sore. ???  Hmmmmmm……..

I’m inspired.  If 48 yr. old Ms. T, my lovely new Bitch can handle not only a back to back class but at 5 and 6AM, what in the world can I accomplish!!  I just might go to the 5am class now to have fun with her!!  Maybe that’s what our 6am group is missing – we all need to lighten up a little bit.  Maybe tomorrow I will bust out some singing along with the music and see if anyone is brave enough to chime in.  Stay tuned……..*hugs*  M

About MoJo

A woman on a mission......a mission to find her way back to feeling, living and being healthy. As a single parent, she is busy, but that's a lame excuse for not getting her butt to the gym and making better grocery store choices. She says "CAN DO" to everyone but herself no more! So, it's time to put down the cookies and put on the tennis shoes......I am this woman so here I go!

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