Here I Am!!….Days 34-38


Yes, I am alive and still kicking ass/taking names.  Good news and bad news though…….I will share the bad first as it’s easier to just BOO HOO and get it over with.  I sprained my ankle.  More precisely, I rolled my foot in a nasty way giving me a lovely dose of elephant cankle making anything other than hobbling virtually impossible.   Missed class all week so far DAMMIT,  but did squeeze in some ab work Monday night.  Not fulfilling at all!!   So I went to drown my sorrows in margaritas with friends instead and celebrate the most beautiful little blonde girl’s birthday.   SO much more fulfilling than ab exercises!!  🙂  And last piece of bad news = this is my last Max Life Week!  Wahhhhhh!  I’m not ready to talk about it yet.

Now onto the GOOOOD stuff!!  I feel so much stronger physically, mentally and spiritually after these several weeks of change.  Even with this little injury set back, I know getting right back on track will be easy because I really do miss it when I can’t go.  It’s a new little hunger with a certain craving that only sweating can curb!

So, speaking of sweating……how about that 80 degree weather we had last weekend!   The entire neighborhood was outside doing spring clean up except me.  Who’s brilliant idea was it to remodel a bedroom over St. Pat’s weekend with the most amazing weather of the season to date?  Uh, yep.  Me.   It was worth it, of course, but just bad timing.  I forgot to take “before” pics but let me just describe it simply as boring, candle soot covered white walls with old, dirt spotted, wrinkled tan carpet.  The blinds had 7 years of dust on them that I’m ashamed to admit and I found things under my bed I didn’t know I owned.  Why was there a car stereo in the box from my 1989 Honda Prelude?  Huh??   Needless to say, the garage sale pile is growing by the minute.  With the help of my amazing BFF neighbors Becky and Chris, the bedroom project unfolded with only a couple of unexpected hitches.  Although the hardwood floors underneath the nasty carpet are beautiful, they were covered in mini spots of black tar-like goo that aged from the pad.   So not only am I crawling around digging out staples, but also black funk.  This is the time I appreciate that my 13-year-old still wants to live in my skin and that her version of the 5′ perimeter from mommy (which is typically 5″) can be used to my advantage.  Start picking black funk kid!!  HA!  Then BFF neighbors took over all the painting……I love you guys and you are lifesavers!!!  Turns out there was a small space of wall repair, but luckily I have a heavy texture on all my walls, so it’s much easier to repair than drywall and less time-consuming.  It turned out beyond my hopes of beautiful!!  Of course these pics will never do it justice, but at least it will give you an idea. 

I still have detail touches to finish – hang curtains and wall decs, and buff parts of the floor where we scratched with furniture moving, but I love love love it!   Can’t have any home project without a little practical joking.  Oh, yes.  I got you good, Bec!!!  After I arrived home to see the walls fully painted, I put on quite a show, fully equipped with eyes filling with tears, pretending not to like the color at all.  You should have seen the frantic look in that poor woman’s face!  “Don’t worry, we can change it!” she says 3 times fast.  Poor Becky.  I’m so mean, but apparently totally convincing!  HAHAHAHA!  I let her off the hook pretty quickly though.  And now I just have to figure out what to put under the wheels of my bed to keep it from rolling.  Not like there’s any real action going on in there…poor me, but it rolls a little even when I sit on it to put on socks.

Summary………my clumsiness got me back down on my butt, foot iced and in the air for a few days (ok, probably at least a week).  But, my wonderful new energy combined with my awesome friends and daughter got me a new bedroom!  Then, the down on my butt, foot in the air deal has lead me down a naughty food trail, fully equipped with snacking and not taking much prep time for meals.  And then there’s beer.  No, I’m not sitting home alone boozing it up feeling sorry for myself.  St. Patrick’s Day, duh!  But then I’ve had wonderful time with friends and family this weekend and week, so take all of these things combined with the trees and flowers budding for spring and hell, I think it’s a great week!   I’m not gonna lie peoples – I want to heal and get on with the boot camp, so maybe some yoga and light weight training tomorrow to keep my spirits up.  And a tanning package.   *hugs*  M


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A woman on a mission......a mission to find her way back to feeling, living and being healthy. As a single parent, she is busy, but that's a lame excuse for not getting her butt to the gym and making better grocery store choices. She says "CAN DO" to everyone but herself no more! So, it's time to put down the cookies and put on the tennis shoes......I am this woman so here I go!

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    • That’s pure luck given that I injured it the eve of St. Patty’s Day and sadly, no…….not out enjoying festivities because that would have made for a much better story!! 🙂

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