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Still on the Fence About Running.


Although I haven’t gotten back into the swing with a new Boot Camp or actual “gym” time, I have been giving running a try………well, walk/running!  Hey, my ass is up and doing SOMETHING, so don’t laugh.  The weather has been my friend, for the most part at 6am.  Being out in the crisp air watching the neighborhood wake and bustle is helping me to begin appreciating early morning, a little.  I smile at all the little retired folks praddling about in their yards ALREADY, thinking they must have already polished off 2-3 cups of coffee, the daily paper, breakfast and a dog walk.  There’s humble motivation RIGHT THERE!  Geez, if the 75 year old has accomplished half a day’s worth of piddling before I’m even up, surely I can break a good sweat within the first hour of the day!!  GOD!

I realize that running is an acquired taste – I guess you either love it or hate it according to everyone I’ve talked to.  I’m still on the fence, so I’m hoping that’s a good sign.  So far I haven’t pushed past the walk/run yet, so I’m giving myself time to warm up to it, AND not get injured.  My bones and all the jiggly junk I’m still draggin around isn’t too fond of it so far, but I’m not giving into that nonsense.  I know the difference between, “ouch that concrete is kinda jarring  my person” and “Oh crap, I just pulled/broke something,” so these old bones will just have to keep up!  The current pace of run 3mins/brisk walk 1min is not bad and so far, the only thing I have to baby and put on ice is my neck.  Outside of my lungs, this is the trouble spot for me.  Yet, one more reason to get every muscle stronger!!

Today’s run was brief due to the lovely weather coming in a little too strong, but got a solid 35 minutes in of 3 min runs/1min walk.  If the stormy weather continues I may have to take it to the treadmill, which will make me uber cranky, but better than nothing at all.   Treadmills and spin class is NOT for me – gerbil on the wheel feeling, but I really want to run a 5K this year, preferably several!!!

So, with hitting the pavement in mind, I purchased a couple pairs of compression pants.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them, however I will say, it is NOT pretty when the awesome material that is there to hold in your belly flop creeps down as you (meaning me of course) run and then, well……..can you spell waddle?  Yet another reason to keep up the sweat and put in more sit up time.  BELLY BULGE PISSES ME OFF!  It just does.  But, 2 kids later (One being C-section), bad diet, sloppy exercise over the years and too much Easter candy are all to blame, not me.  That has been my internal language all along and look where it’s gotten me, so I might complain about my waddle, but I’m still going to battle it every day.  There will be cardio.  There will be weight training.  There will be boot camp.  And when I’m craving a peanut butter/banana/Nutella sandwich on white break, I will only eat the banana because that’s what Steph would do!   When the alarm goes off at 5:45 am and my tired butt doesn’t wanna get out of the bed, I will because Trina says half the battle is just getting up.  And when my muscles are so thrashed from weight training that I can’t carry the laundry basket, I will make my children do it because that will be my only day of rest!!  HA!

Battling the bad habits is every moment of every day.  Trust me, I know.  I’m working on being my own best friend.  Instead of continuing to feel guilty about taking time away from my children to get healthier, I keep telling myself it is my job to take care of “my children’s mother” because no one else will.  Perspective is everything!!   Making time to read a good book, making new projects for my art, laughing with my children and staying connected to friends and family is the very best combination for the determination and motivation I struggle to provide to myself.  So, when you feel yourself slipping back in your mind and hear the excuses coming out of your mouth, just stop.  Look around and find the joy that fills your soul, no matter how big or small, and use it to get back on track.  When its stormy and raining for days on end and everyone around you is making you cranky, search for the rainbow to peek and find a puddle to splash in!  Dare to be different the crabby mass!  And when the sun returns with a smile, you will know it has risen just for you!!  *Hugs*  M



Walking For Beers – Ladies Only!


Since my lame self has not blogged in several weeks, I will have to catch you up to speed!!  There have been injuries, illness, but also recovery, rejuvenation and come to Jesus get out the door sessions.  So far, I’ve conquered!!  So here we go with updates……..

I LOVE GIRLFRIENDS!!  Some new, some old, but all coming together for a great cause that benefits us all!!  It all began by accident 2 weeks ago when my lovely BF tossed out a thought – WHO WANTS TO GO FOR A WALK?  Four days later, walking for beers was born.  Snacks were brought by all, the fire pit was loaded with wood, surrounded by lawn chairs while the beers chilled on ice awaiting our beautiful walk through Beaverdale.  What a perfect night!!!!

Now, you must understand some of the circumstances here.  You have an eclectic mix of women, all at different places in their fitness lives, some on current highs and some lows, coming together to meet in the middle for ONE goal……to stay moving.  We have a couple of avid runners who graciously slowed their pace to walk with us.  Our lovely runner who has been sidelined by a foot injury (again) and is getting back into the swing of things.  An amazing spin instructor who no likey the running thing but is leaps and bounds ahead of me in physical strength, agility and determination!  And a beautiful new friend, who turns out is my favorite BF neighbor’s sis-in-law.  God, I love how small Des Moines really is!! And then of course, ME who was hacking up a lung every block still working through a major respiratory infection, but this was exactly what I needed, physically and spiritually.  OPEN UP THOSE LUNGS and get some oxygen movement!!  The fact that I woke up the next day more congested than ever was more from the fire pit smoke following me no matter where I sat, BUT it was so worth it!!   The snack table and cooler are still set up in my garage in hopes we will do it again VERY soon!!  I am looking forward to the day very soon when we can all run together, which will make the homemade guac dip and light beer (or skinny vodka) even better!!

Aw hell yes, we meow it best!!


THIS is my favorite thing about being a girl.  Strangers at hello can quickly become sisters by goodnight.  We are such awesome creatures!! Some are short, some are tall, we all have body image issues of some sort to complain about and yet, there is always laughter and love!!   I’ve been privileged to be a part of a monthly margarita club also that has grown leaps and bounds in the past 3 months, so much so that we literally take over an entire room in the restaurant!!   Of course it also doesn’t hurt the fact that the hostess with the mostest is such a special human !!  (Thank you, hostess margarita planner Shawnee!!)   Point is…….women are just downright LOVELY so hug one right now!!

We are Executives parenting kids and sometimes spouses, Expert Landscaping Therapist Chefs who can fix a toilet and flat tire after burping/bathing/feeding the babies while tweeting about the next social event.  Oh, yes people…….WE ARE ROCKSTARS!   So gather up all your girlfriends, have them bring more girlfriends and so on until you have a beautiful posse of mosaic posies to share an evening with.   Embrace.  Love.  Share.   *Hugs*  M