Perfecting Her Craft


And so the summer fun begins…my lovely Emily has taken her creativity to a whole new level finding new designs to create with Mani/Pedi’s.  Lucky for her, she has willing participants – her sister and of course, ME!  I got new toes from cashing in my Pedi gift cert from Mother’s Day – she guarantees me 3 total and is keeping track on a punch card.  Not only did I get beautiful toes, I received a full salon treatment of foot wash, massage, heel scrub and sloughing along with moisturizer treatment.  Who’s the lucky ducky in this house!  So my tired, sore feeties are being pampered once in a while after I torture them pounding the mats and floors with workouts.  I love when they get it!!!  *hugs*  M


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  1. I already shared your story on Facebook and on Twitter. I think it’s good to come up with new bold ideas. Perhaps you will introduce masculine colors and themes, like from silver jewelry for men, and, of course, some themes from tattoo designs.
    On a different note, will you consider offering your patients deep tissue massage, on their own, while waiting for you, using nestoiter-gravity on Amazon, either the black bar or the rock pillow, or both?

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