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Naked Zumba




Yea, right.  I’m just not very good at staying still long enough to allow the above to happen, however, if I found a place as lovely as the pic, I sure as hell would try!  So, the girls went to the farm with Nonny and Aunt Bobbie for 4 days leaving my house gloriously quiet, clean and well, quiet.  They returned for a nano second only to leave AGAIN for 4 more days off to camping and what not.  Without me.  That’s the key part again.  People, I am NEVER without both of my children at the same time, so let me tell you, there was a little party going on inside my head!  I felt a bit off-center for the first hour with the house so quiet, but that quickly changed as I immediately stripped off my clothes and did Wii Zumba ALONE in my underwear.  Why the hell not!?!  I giggled like a school girl wrapped in my guilt and shame of NOT missing them as I salsa danced around the living room with my bottle of red wine.  Hell yes!  Oh sure, there was cleaning and yard work, time with friends, errands, blah blah blah. But mostly there were things involving bubbles, books and wine…..and my new bicycle.   Someday I will learn to be quiet enough inside my head to tell my ass to sit still to meditate.  For now, naked red wine Zumba shall suffice.  P.S.  It’s another whole year before I get this again.  Gah!




I feel as if I’m living a bit of the “Eat, Pray, Love” life, only Liz was brilliant by starting her journey in Italy, eating herself into heavenly bliss and learning a beautiful language.  I hit the ground running hard enough to give me shin splints and GERD.  Yet, regardless of how one begins, I suppose the truth is not in where you begin your journey, but that your are on it nonetheless.

Into my second butt whooping workout week, I am at my first crossroads.  One path leads me toward understanding food, the components I need versus the ones I desire.  I hate this path because frankly it’s just damn hard.  I love sweets.  Period.  This will be much more of a challenge to face than anything else.  The other path leads me inward to revive my spirituality.  Beginning to honor that place in me that speaks of love, truth and peace.  I really enjoy traveling this path……the enlightment along the way holds hard truths but endless possibilities adn above all, beauty.  Who wouldn’t want to head that direction!?!  BUT, will I truly be able to embrace with an open heart and honor fully all that I desire and so desperately need to recapture if I am still in an all out war with food.  Hmmmm………

After much deliberation I fear I must succumb to the challenge of both.  Choosing to see this more as parallel roads versus a crossroads with the ability to travel short paths between the two is my new “Eat, Pray, Love.”  Reacquainting myself with my version of peace and love is necessary to tackle the black hole of kicking major carbs and sugar.  I can’t do it without knowing the respite of my spirituality lives only a hop, skip and a jump away.  So for those of you who know me well and see me flailing and drowning, just give me a tiny spin and remind me it’s okay to travel between these two paths for however long necessary………until the next crossroad appears.  Namaste.