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Tis the Season to Be In Love With Your Food


And so it begins……..the season of all things fresh and delicious!

I love our farmer’s market, but due to garage sale prep and sale itself, I have not made it to the big one.  Our local neighborhood farmer’s market is unfortunately hosted on a Taekwondo night, so I’ve missed that one too.  Big Poo.  Hyvee’s produce is the next best thing and wowsers did I lose my mind stocking up!  Everything was so fresh I just couldn’t bear to leave one little fruit or veggie behind!  I think the checker at the market thought I was a vegetarian on crack!  Now, don’t mind the sneaky little vodka bottle hiding in the background – he will meet his maker with the blender and the fruit later on!  So, 2 hours later, I have a frig/freezer stocked with fresh sliced wonderful goodness.  The 6 year old covets cantaloupe so she may OD.  Or puke.  Wonder how awesome that would be coming back up?  Anyway, I got so involved with chopping and slicing that I neglected to photograph the veggies.  Here’s that rundown…….broccoli, romaine and lots of it, fresh spinach, green and yellow squash, avocados, mushrooms, cucumbers, carrots, sweet snow peas, broccoli coleslaw, cauliflower, celery, asparagus and sun-dried tomatoes.  Do those count because as much as I want to like fresh toms, I just can’t and don’t.

This week’s lunches have consisted of all things salad so far, each day being different from the previous.  Variety with the same thing!  Huh……I’m currently in love with my food choices and feel so excited about them.  When my friend visited Italy last year, she struggled finding the words to describe the food there, but explained it simply as “I wanted to make out with my food every day.”  I kinda get it now.  Yah, it’s not Italy but there’s just nothing better than filling your belly with fresh goodness.  I still want pastries frequently, so it hasn’t really helped there, but having all this in the house is a great distraction.

So dinners………well, how much fun am I having with those!  Veggie stir fry that my kids won’t eat (yay me!), baked and grilled chicken, couscous, chicken salad with avocado, tuna salad with cucumbers and steamed carrots.  And it’s only Wednesday!   Snacks have been almonds or celery with laughing cow wedge or yes, fruit.  Duh.

And of course breakfast, which I still struggle with……banana with raspberries = my favorite and a small dollop of peanut butter.  It works until about 10am and then there’s a much-needed snack.  I’m still working on the breakfast thing for summer since nothing warm sounds good.  I love my peanut butter so I have to be mindful or half the jar will be ingested before the next breath arrives.

Next up……smoothies.  Stay tuned!!  What kinds of deliciousness have you created that left your mouth-watering enough to want to make out with your food???  Help a girl out with more ideas!  *hugs*  M


Love Me Some Aaaadventuresomeness!


Aren’t “A” words the best????  Adventure.  Awesome.  Ass.  Alignment.  Astronomical.  Well, these are a few of my current favorites today and here is how they are rolling out………

I’m pumped for the AWESOME new ADVENTURE next week holds to get my ASS in proper ALIGNMENT with the ASTRONOMICAL closet full of clothes that are too tight!  

HA HA HA!  So the “A’s” have it today for keeping me motivated!

So, the kids started TaeKwonDo classes last night and they, of course, are both naturals.  As I’m sitting on the sidelines watching the joy on their faces, I’m also mapping out what kinds of things I can take advantage of at the YMCA while they high kick their way through the hour.  No Yoga or Pilates classes fall during the same time frame, of course, so I have to hit the cardio/weights solo.  But then, the instructor saunters over and grills me on why mom isn’t out there too.  Huh.  Why aren’t I???  So, forget the lame wandering around the gym trying to figure out a plan – I’m now in white belt TaeKwonDo with my kids and can not wait to learn this with them.  DUH!?!?   I guess I hadn’t really considered this because I’m so used to “classes” always begin either them or me.  I’m just overjoyed to being learning, growing and sharing this healthy experience with them.

So, besides TKD 2X a week for 10 weeks, I start my kickboxing training next week at Round Kick Gym.  Here we go 6am again!  🙂  At least I know what to expect of myself that early.  I’m delighted that school will be out by the end of next week so I will come home to a quiet house where I can leisurely drink my coffee and get ready for work versus rush, rush, rush to get 2 rounds of kids to school and then squeeze me off to work in such a hurry that my shoes don’t match.  It really happens, people.  I just choose not to talk about it out loud.

Although I had planned to be a bit leaner, stronger and fitter before summer, I’m focusing on working with where I am going instead of where I thought I was supposed to be by now.  It is a fact that I am the girl who always has an excuse.  Half the time I don’t even say them out loud, but rather avoid looking in the mirror or the scale.  I really and truly enjoy my life for the most part, so it’s really easy to look past the fluff and forget to take good care of my health.  Yes, that is called lame ass bad habit, I know.  And I fight with it every day, but I know that when I started this several months ago, it would not be easy and probably might not stick solid right away.  My brain is still there, ready and there is still no turning back.  I may have to keep trying new things until I find my “high” – that thing(s) that gets me so excited that I can’t wait to sweat through it each day.  I tried running.  Am still giving running a shot, but it has yet to become my friend.  Maybe when my ASTRONOMICAL ASS is less it will be easier since I won’t hit the pavement so hard!!  HAHA!  Yah, yah my chubby hiney is saggin these days, and my teenage gymnastic bod is wrecked from head to toe, BUT, I have my eye on the prize of the healthiest version of me I can be, no matter what size pants that translates to.  I love being a work in progress!!

Sat Downtown Farmer’s Market Des Moines

Outside of kickboxing and TKD, there will be Yoga In The Park starting June 2nd!!  It’s almost better than cake and ice cream!!  There is no better way to start the day/weekend than yoga under the trees at Gray’s Lake.  This year I plan to bike there, grabbing BFF along the way and heading over to the Downtown Farmer’s Market after for some delicious breakfast.  Please come and join me!!

So I’ve learned the value of breathing in today versus feeling unsettled about the lack of accomplishment or focus in yesterday.  I’m reminding myself how/why I got so far off track with being healthy and loving myself enough.  I love you momma but I cannot eat my depressed self into hiding forever in attempts to avoid being happy because I miss you so severely.  The rainbow rises upward before crossing the land to meet the pot of gold dammit, so there’s no pretty rainbow in a downward spiral!  I may not be successful at my first, second or third attempts with fitness or eating clean, but I will take what I learn at every single attempt until I wake up and realize all of the learning has brought me to a new way of life full of healthy habits and choices.  Welcome to summer  – the days are wonderfully longer with sunshine and yah, it’s gonna get smoking hot out, but that’s what margaritas are for!!  *hugs* M


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I just love my daily visits exploring FitBottomedGirls!!

Wonder How Many Calories Are Burned in Yoga? We Have Answers! |

The WHOLE Movement.


Take care of your body.  It’s the only place you have to live!   Jim Rohn

Beautiful !

Now just because this photo is all women, I’m not discounting the guys!  This mostly applies to you as well, but when I start talking about health related girl junk, just replace the verbiage as dude junk!    The saying “We all come in different shapes and sizes” is true beyond what is skin deep.  Peel back the layers of skin and there lies our own individual internal gears.  I began to re-evaluate my MOVEMENT about 2 weeks ago wondering what kind of role model I was being for my kids.  I mean REAL role model.  Sure I’m exercising, eating better and talking the fitness talk about healthier mommy….blah, blah, blah.  Hey, I’m even remodeling my bedroom for spiritual bliss, but it is not going to matter how toned my muscles are if I’m blindsided with breast cancer, diabetes, glaucoma, etc.  Sound extreme??

1 in 8 women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime.  In 2011, an estimated 230,480 new cases of invasive breast cancer were expected to be diagnosed in women in the U.S., along with 57,650 new cases of non-invasive (in situ) breast cancer.  About 2,140 new cases of invasive breast cancer were expected to be diagnosed in men in 2011. A man’s lifetime risk of breast cancer is about 1 in 1,000.

Oh yes, Mr. Dudes…….this total includes you so although I realize it may seem completely lame to schedule a mammogram, but at least talk to your physician about it.

In making the commitment to get healthier through this MOVEMENT, I had to get real about it and get some long overdue appointments made.   First up, the eye doctor.  I’ve required eye correction since 3rd grade, so this is nothing new, but it’s been 3 years since I’ve been back.  Bad Kitty!!  Of course, being over 40, there was talk of the “B” lens (those bi-focal thingies), but I’m not ready to crack on that yet!  I don’t care if they are invisible line – I will know!!  Anyway, prescription changed in both eyes so new lens were needed, but I already knew that since driving at night was getting scary.

Second was the dentist.  I was holding my breath the whole way there because I KNEW this was going to be ugly.  It had been 4 years with the exception of the emergency visit last year to pull a unrepairable cracked molar.  My lovely mother had a BMW mouth full of teeth.  I always thought she was a lunatic to have to take out a loan for that expensive upkeep of hers!  Now I understand and oh by the way, thanks for the awesome genes, ma!  So, my check up results = 4 cavities, 1 (possibly 2) root canals and a small bit of restorative molar work.  The 2 main culprits besides crappy genes?  SODA and WINT-O-GREEN MINTS.  Sugar.  Sugar.  Sugar.   Oh sure, I brush me teeth and floss (sometimes) but when you have sugar sitting on your teeth throughout the day, huh…..who knew??   I have an appointment next week to discuss “the plan.”  Yeah, it’s that detailed.

Third, a mammogram.  This was the super scary one because although the test is quick and fairly painless, the unknown is a bitch.  My clinic has a fancy new machine that apparently can take pictures all the way through the tissue, so end result is state of the art goodness!!  I have never had a mammogram.  I’m 44 years old and have never really had a reason to, except that I am over 40, have boobs and it’s recommended.  Insurance pays for this annually people!!!  Why aren’t we just doing it??  The results of mine showed a gray haze on my left booby and because I’ve never had a mammogram before to compare this to, I have to go back in 3 months to check it again.  Could be nothing.  Could be something.  The tech is leaning toward nothing, so I am too, because frankly, I don’t have a choice.  This is nothing a self-exam will help monitor and worrying/wondering until the next test will make me insane.  So please, take it from me…….go to the phone now and schedule your mammogram today!  Having a baseline is imperative to monitor your breast health!!  And early detection can save your life.

Lastly, a regular annual check up including my lady junk is in the works.  As women, we are typically required to have one of these fun things when we have to renew birth control.   After my surgery (to be explained later) in 2006, I have not required birth control, so let’s just say it has been a ridiculously long time since my last check up.  Stupid.

I get my hair done religiously every 8-9 weeks.  It’s a 3-4 hours process, sometimes even including wine and snacks.  Appointments are booked sometimes a year in advance to ensure my time slots are secure and I never, ever, EVER cancel.  The investment of time and money made in this arena is never missed because it is not negotiable.  Beside the fact that it’s girl’s day out, it’s one of my favorite things about myself.  Yes, I said hair.  I can assure you, I will probably not change this about myself as I don’t want to, but I am now challenging myself to give all of my human parts equal priority.   I will forever have 4 different colors flowing in my crazy hair and the wrinkles will increase over the years, but I will also have healthy teeth, continued toning muscles, properly supplemented blood and organs and cancer free boobs!

Please join the MOVEMENT my lovely people……yes, you dudes too!  Create your own boot camp and make your whole health and way of life a priority.  Take a moment and write down the last time you remember attending check ups.  All of them!  Spring is all around us right now, so breathe in the beauty for the inspiration you need to make a fresh start.  YOU ARE ALL WORTH IT!  *hugs* M