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Everything my girls have to say/do about mommy’s new journey to healthy living.

Awwww, Sharing.


It’s such a beautiful sight when I witness the love of sharing in my household.  Between the kids, cat and dogs, there is typically ruckess and a butt load of it.  This, quite simply, will explain WHO is in charge around here. 

No go ahead and ask me why we frequently refer to her as “the baby cow.” 


Perfecting Her Craft


And so the summer fun begins…my lovely Emily has taken her creativity to a whole new level finding new designs to create with Mani/Pedi’s.  Lucky for her, she has willing participants – her sister and of course, ME!  I got new toes from cashing in my Pedi gift cert from Mother’s Day – she guarantees me 3 total and is keeping track on a punch card.  Not only did I get beautiful toes, I received a full salon treatment of foot wash, massage, heel scrub and sloughing along with moisturizer treatment.  Who’s the lucky ducky in this house!  So my tired, sore feeties are being pampered once in a while after I torture them pounding the mats and floors with workouts.  I love when they get it!!!  *hugs*  M

She’s Just So Beautiful – and I’m the Womamma.


Every Mom is biased about their kids.  I know.  I spend many a day holding back my tears as I watch her grow and wonder how the years could go by so quickly.  She is a gift; a beautiful treasure and even though I am her mom, I know she is a remarkable human being.  My oldest daughter has endured levels of heartache and pain that most adults never know, at least until later in life.  And yet she still smiles the brightest smile of any I have ever seen!

She has been struggling with one specific body feature and to protect her privacy I will not devulge specifics, however, today while dancing in the sprinkler under the summer sun, she saw the light.  “They weren’t very noticeable and I didn’t even care” she texts to me.  “Oh honey!  I’m so very proud of you! After all, there are a million things that could be worse…..missing an arm like our neighbor.”  And then she made me cry………”Yeah, and what I realized is I don’t care what other people think, if they even notice, because God created every single one of us the way he wanted and I am absolutely grateful for the way he created me and I love myself exactly the way I am…..and thank you for putting up with my stupid stuff like that.” she says.  I, of course, beaming with pride, called her immediately to hear her voice.  I tell her that we are all amazing just the way we are and she is an inspiration.  I tell her she makes me feel strong through my getting healthy process and less self conscious about my tummy flab because she reminds me every day that skinny is NOT stronger.   She calls me a “very, strong capable “WOMAMMA” (woman/Momma)!!   I love that young lady’s soul.

No Blood Shed.


Okay, so I completely and utterly GEEK Dr. Suess.  Fact and I’m not ashamed.  I think I would be first in line for this even if I didn’t have kids, but we have all been counting down the days, so weekend treat !!  YAY!!  The 13 yr old says she is only excited because Taylor Swift is the voice of Audrey.  Uh-huh, sure.  But truthfully, they have totally earned a special something because they have been my #1 cheerleading team!!  So, Lorax…… we come!!!

You Are My Sunshines


These are the moments that I adore most.  Teamwork.  Happiness.  Creativity.  Love.  This being my second week of classes, you can imagine mornings have not been nearly as cooperative as week one.  But, I am learning to let it go, let it be and let them work through it.  I have to for them and for me.  Besides, they know to clean up any blood before I get home or there will have to be a conversation.

My babies.

Why Do I Smell Nail Polish at 7am!?


Well, my girls decided it was necessary to paint fingernails before school for Valentine’s Day…..10 minutes before my arrival which translates to 12 minutes to heading out the door.  After viewing both of their sloppy looking sets of nails, I now know going home today is going to make me just plain crabby.  Wonder what the neon pink and red smudged up against?  Awesome.  BUT, everyone had breakfast except the dog, beds made, dressed, etc. so hell, I think I should shut up and pick my battles.

Emily and Sydnie


Just a quick note to acknowledge the support my beautiful babies have shown toward my journey.  My 13 year old, Emily and 6 year old, Sydnie are both awakened to blazing alarm clocks, beds made, breakfast eaten, dressed, hair brushed and ready to get out the door at 7am when I return home to take the first round to school.  How freaking AWESOME is that!?!  Now, ask me how this is going in a week.  Uh-huh.  Mommy loves you, you cooperative big girls, you!! *big smile* 🙂