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I’m in Love……..


Roses are Red

Tulips are Yellow

I am in love with


As you all know, I’ve been on a quest, more like the “Movement” of getting healthy in all areas of life.  Going to the eye doc for prescription check is easy.  Heading to the dentist for the much needed and largely ignored root canal, eh, not so bad.  Loving life when my feet hit the floor……most days I got that down.  Finding the right fitness regime just bites my ass!  I’m serious.  I want to be able to do things physically that I did when I was 20 and I’m easily frustrated when my muscles will not cooperate.  What do you mean I have to build back up to stuff?!?  What the hell ?  I used to be able to do back flips, front flips, round off back everything’s for 2 hours and THEN head to dance class while teaching aerobics classes.  Yes, I miss my 20 year old bod – the way it looked and felt and I’m pissed that I never appreciated what all that was.  That’s what happened to us 80’s gals when the trend was to wear humongous t-shirts and hair.  Fashion was way stupid then.  Had no idea how beautiful and powerful my muscles were, so of course, the element of “if I had known then what I know now” is haunting.  BUT, it’s completely lame to dwell on unrealistic things.  Frankly I wouldn’t trade what I know now for the muscle tone and tiny waist I had then.  Yah, knowing is far more valuable.   So I take what I know and put it to the test……the true test of strength comes from within, so being there and capitalize on it in every way you can.  There’s where I begin every day now.

I enrolled my kiddos in Taekwondo several weeks back and was so impressed that I jumped right into class alongside them.  So you think just because it’s hosted at the Walnut Creek YMCA, it’s an easy peasy lame little class that you learn how to throw a couple punches and kicks, huh?  Yah, I thought so too.  This isn’t “wax on, wax off” nonsense.  Seriously, truth be told, I had hoped to toss my kids in the class for a little fun discipline in training while I went off to bust ass somewhere else in the gym.  DO NOT KID YOURSELF!  I am in love with my Tues/Thurs power hour with Grandmaster Ferry.  Y’all need to get signed up because not only will you seriously sweat, it is fun and if you will find a powerful force within you that will wake up and say “holy shit, give me some more of  THAT!”  Of course you gotta want it.  This isn’t for the weak hearted – no flinging arms and legs.  Powerful mind = powerful body = powerful mind.  No slackers allowed!  Master Ferry shares his philosophies as he trains as well.  I have to add, one of my favorite things is watching him kick all of our asses and yet he softens when directing the kids.  Check out the website for more info and give it a try.  The girls and I test in 3 weeks in hopes to move up to low orange belt but I gotta say……..it ain’t gonna be easy to pass this test!

I still haven’t found the other fitness “thing” that I wake up every day and say “I can’t wait to do that!”  Yes, I WANT to be a runner, but my hips disagree.  I WANT WANT WANT but am my own worst enemy.  Baby steps suck!  They might be necessary to avoid injury but my mind wants things.  My heart wants things.  But my butt doesn’t want to cooperate.  So……….

I bought a new bicycle.  She’s so beautiful that I don’t want to get her dirty with road grime!  Kidding…….my first true road warrior voyage is tomorrow.  To be continued……

Meanwhile, put some positive focus out into the universe for my fitness journey cuz’ some days I just make myself dizzy trying to find my ‘THING”  Good news = taekwondo is my new chocolate pie.  Bad news = it aint enough yet.  *hugs*  M


When It Rains It POURS!


And sometimes, it feels OH SO GOOD!

I am currently basking in the glow of my self-induced deluge of activity!  It’s funny how “When It Rains It Pours” is always used in a negative way, but I’m living the dream of making it rain on purpose in my world, unconditionally.  It’s really quite easy to do – start a new 5-day a week, 10 week session of kickboxing at the same time you begin Taekwondo twice per as well as prepare for a garage sale FROM HELL all while running your normal life.  Its awesome!

But in all honesty, it IS awesome, no sarcasm intended.  My children and co-workers might disagree because I am on the crabby side of the planet, but at least I’m not suicidally cranky or bitch slap someone cranky…….sheesh!  So let’s break it down:

Started Round Kick Gym 10 week session the day after Memorial Day and twisted my lower back the first day.  No stretchy = lame workout!!  Bad form 101, I know.  Back in the saddle this week full force and it’s really wonderful but hello stiffy, sore muscles AGAIN.  I have decided it is just my way to keep pushing myself into new territory each time I move forward and you all know I love love love the class setting, so hell yes, it’s gonna hurt each time I begin a new one.  Duh.  BUT, it’s not “Someone please come help me off the toilet because my quads are locked” kind of sore.  It’s a mild version of “these stairs bite going up.”  Upper body sore muscle 2 months ago affected very basic things……it’s not natural to brush your face side to side across the motionless toothbrush laying on the sink.  Just not natural.  Thankfully this week is only ranking a “screw drying my whole head of hair today” sort of ache.  It’s so inspiring to see strength and improvement abounding !!!  I’m learning a lot about the difference between pushing your muscles during workout, muscle fatigue right after and delayed onset muscle soreness and what the difference means to me.  I suppose it is different for everyone given your fitness level, but I am delighted to learn that I can pull of downward dog with ease while the bulky muscle dude across the room is holding the position on his tiptoes while holding his breath.  HA!

So this class is perfect for me right now in a variety of ways.  The first and most important is the kids are out of school and I don’t have to do 6AM…..I can pull of 7AM!!  It’s really stupid though because the dogs get me up at 5:45 anyway, so I’m getting like half hour extra sleep.  Whoopty do, right??  OH MY GOD 30 extra minutes of sleep is like finding the golden ticket!  Just saying.  But then the gym itself is closer, so drive time is less.  Bonus.  And I’m learning about TRX suspension training.  Nifty stuff and a lot harder than it looks when your midsection is like pudding these days.  So, I’m a sloppy mess on that, but talk to me in 10 weeks.  The classes are a bit like the previous ones I took, except with more equipment.  And heck yes, there is boxing of all sorts, which I have such a passion for.   We hit the bags, we use big ropes, TRX is a large part and there’s NO BEAST of a tractor tire, so I would say the expectations are completely manageable!!  I look forward to tackling that beast down the road though!

Tuesday and Thursday evenings are such a welcome surprise at Taekwondo.  I sweat my ass off!  Well, at least I hope the profuse sweating is melting my ass off a little anyway.  It is harder than it looks and the movements require your body to be core strong all the time for balance, which I’m not, so it requires me to be tight and tense EVERYWHERE!  Not so good on the stiff neck running tingles down my arm, so I’m going to work on that.  Strong core, strong mind, relaxed movements but with meaning.  GOT IT! 

I can’t talk about the garage sale.  That’s another post.  It’s kicking my ass way worse than anything else right now, so I will speak more about it when I’m done being mad at it.  Or when it’s over…….however, feel free to stop by Fri/Sat to shop and buy some of the random crap I can’t deal with anymore.  There’s quite a bit of really wonderful crap to buy, some vintage, some regular garage saley kinds of things.  Dirt cheap.  I might even run a BOGO deal!  If the crap keeps procreating in that damn garage at night while I’m not looking like I  know it’s doing, I’m going to have to move to Free Gift With Purchase!  Funny thing is, I posted a “save the date” listing on Craigslist with a quick list of some of the items and had 3 emails within 2 hours from people wanting to buy already.  Outside of the lame, low ball offers, it was kind of inspiring, so I just might keep digging for more stuff to put out!!  Yes, hosting a garage sale can become a very nasty scab – once you get the itch to start purging (picking), you just can’t stop until you bleed to death!!!

So, it’s Triple Threat Tuesday – kickboxing this morning, taekwondo and yoga back to back tonight.  The garage sale crap will have to unpack itself.  Just remember people, when it rains, it pours………..and although the balance of life is off kilter during the downpour, the rainbow at the end is worth it all!!  *Hugs*  M

Love Me Some Aaaadventuresomeness!


Aren’t “A” words the best????  Adventure.  Awesome.  Ass.  Alignment.  Astronomical.  Well, these are a few of my current favorites today and here is how they are rolling out………

I’m pumped for the AWESOME new ADVENTURE next week holds to get my ASS in proper ALIGNMENT with the ASTRONOMICAL closet full of clothes that are too tight!  

HA HA HA!  So the “A’s” have it today for keeping me motivated!

So, the kids started TaeKwonDo classes last night and they, of course, are both naturals.  As I’m sitting on the sidelines watching the joy on their faces, I’m also mapping out what kinds of things I can take advantage of at the YMCA while they high kick their way through the hour.  No Yoga or Pilates classes fall during the same time frame, of course, so I have to hit the cardio/weights solo.  But then, the instructor saunters over and grills me on why mom isn’t out there too.  Huh.  Why aren’t I???  So, forget the lame wandering around the gym trying to figure out a plan – I’m now in white belt TaeKwonDo with my kids and can not wait to learn this with them.  DUH!?!?   I guess I hadn’t really considered this because I’m so used to “classes” always begin either them or me.  I’m just overjoyed to being learning, growing and sharing this healthy experience with them.

So, besides TKD 2X a week for 10 weeks, I start my kickboxing training next week at Round Kick Gym.  Here we go 6am again!  🙂  At least I know what to expect of myself that early.  I’m delighted that school will be out by the end of next week so I will come home to a quiet house where I can leisurely drink my coffee and get ready for work versus rush, rush, rush to get 2 rounds of kids to school and then squeeze me off to work in such a hurry that my shoes don’t match.  It really happens, people.  I just choose not to talk about it out loud.

Although I had planned to be a bit leaner, stronger and fitter before summer, I’m focusing on working with where I am going instead of where I thought I was supposed to be by now.  It is a fact that I am the girl who always has an excuse.  Half the time I don’t even say them out loud, but rather avoid looking in the mirror or the scale.  I really and truly enjoy my life for the most part, so it’s really easy to look past the fluff and forget to take good care of my health.  Yes, that is called lame ass bad habit, I know.  And I fight with it every day, but I know that when I started this several months ago, it would not be easy and probably might not stick solid right away.  My brain is still there, ready and there is still no turning back.  I may have to keep trying new things until I find my “high” – that thing(s) that gets me so excited that I can’t wait to sweat through it each day.  I tried running.  Am still giving running a shot, but it has yet to become my friend.  Maybe when my ASTRONOMICAL ASS is less it will be easier since I won’t hit the pavement so hard!!  HAHA!  Yah, yah my chubby hiney is saggin these days, and my teenage gymnastic bod is wrecked from head to toe, BUT, I have my eye on the prize of the healthiest version of me I can be, no matter what size pants that translates to.  I love being a work in progress!!

Sat Downtown Farmer’s Market Des Moines

Outside of kickboxing and TKD, there will be Yoga In The Park starting June 2nd!!  It’s almost better than cake and ice cream!!  There is no better way to start the day/weekend than yoga under the trees at Gray’s Lake.  This year I plan to bike there, grabbing BFF along the way and heading over to the Downtown Farmer’s Market after for some delicious breakfast.  Please come and join me!!

So I’ve learned the value of breathing in today versus feeling unsettled about the lack of accomplishment or focus in yesterday.  I’m reminding myself how/why I got so far off track with being healthy and loving myself enough.  I love you momma but I cannot eat my depressed self into hiding forever in attempts to avoid being happy because I miss you so severely.  The rainbow rises upward before crossing the land to meet the pot of gold dammit, so there’s no pretty rainbow in a downward spiral!  I may not be successful at my first, second or third attempts with fitness or eating clean, but I will take what I learn at every single attempt until I wake up and realize all of the learning has brought me to a new way of life full of healthy habits and choices.  Welcome to summer  – the days are wonderfully longer with sunshine and yah, it’s gonna get smoking hot out, but that’s what margaritas are for!!  *hugs* M